Glenmorangie Distillery

The Source of Scotland's Favourite Malt

In the far north of Scotland, beyond Inverness and half a mile from the Ancient and Royal Burgh of Tain, lies the distillery that creates the whisky nation's favourite dram - Glenmorangie. A dram that today reaches all four corners of the globe. Think "orange" when you pronounce it - the name rolls on the tongue just like the rich bodied whisky. Think "heaven" when you visit it, for its cluster of barns and outbuildings lie in a tranquil glen overlooking the shores of the Dornoch Firth. In fact, locally, Glenmorangie is known as the "Glen of Tranquility". The source of the all-important water (in Glenmorangie's case uniquely hard and mineral rich) is a short walk from the distillery - the Tarlogie Springs. It is inspiring to stand by these springs, and ponder how such great things can come from such humble beginnings.

A little nearer heaven

At Glenmorangie Distillery the gleaming swan-necked copper stills - the tallest in Scotland - play a vital role in the making of Scotland's favourite dram. Allowing only the lightest and the purest spirit to make it into the final malt, these stills have their own tale to tell. Back in 1843 the original owners made a canny Scots decision when they purchased second hand gin stills from a London Gin distiller. Cheaper and noticeably taller than traditional whisky stills, they have played an inestimable part in the success of this exceptional dram. On your personal, guided tour of the distillery you will be introduced to these most elegant of stills, along with other natural elements and time-honoured, traditional skills which make Glenmorangie so special.

In the Original Still House

The building that originally housed the stills provides the setting for our new visitor centre. The atmosphere of quiet industry is ideal for giving glimpses of, and displaying artefacts from, Glenmorangie's past. Here you will find a magnificent 130 year-old working steam engine and a model still, along with tales of the succession of craftsmen who have patiently assisted and monitored the whisky on its journey of maturation - the Sixteen Men of Tain. At Glenmorangie, craft has always been accompanies by innovation. At our visitor centre you can also learn about Glenmorangie's pioneering experiments on the effects of wood on whisky, which have led to the creation of our "Wood Finish Range" of malts.

Purchased at Source

It would take a strong character indeed who, after having soaked up the atmosphere of this famous distillery, would not wish to take home a sample of Scotland's favourite malt. If the distillery tour and visitor centre have whet your appetite, our shop will then spoil you for choice.

There you will find a wide range of Glenmorangie whiskies, including the classic 10 Years Old Single Highland Malt, limited special editions and vintages and the wood finished malts. A selection of exclusive Glenmorangie gifts is also available. Whatever you buy, you will have the satisfaction of having purchased it at source.

Opening Times

Open all year Monday to Friday: 09.00 - 17.00
June to August Saturdays: 10.00 - 16.00
Sundays: 12.00 - 16.00

Regular tours from 10.30, last full tour 15.30 (or by app.).
Maximum 15 per group. Pre-booking advisable.
Adult admission charge.

Please note that the Distillery will be closed during the Christmas holiday period.

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